Life Style Guest FAQ's


What is Mission Creek?
Mission Creek is an educational center, settled in the beautiful hills a few miles outside of South Bend, WA in the midst of forest land. Because of this, its electrical power is generated, offering the opportunity to live off the grid and unplug from the distractions and busyness in the world. With this in mind, the use of high wattage appliances are limited.  Please leave your blowdryers, curling irons, and coffee pots at home. Laundry service is limited to those who are staying a week or more.

What should I bring to wear?
Bring clothes which allow you to be comfortable and active.
Be sure to bring:

  •    Well fitting shoes for exercise (preferably water proof)

  •    Rain coat and umbrella

  •    A swimsuit for hydrotherapy labs and sauna

  •    Slippers

  •    Layered clothes for varied weather

  •    Robe/sweats

Is there a place I can do laundry?
Yes.  There are washers and dryers available. We are off the grid, so plan to limit your laundry to 1-2 loads while you are here.

How will I call my family and how can they contact me?
Cell phone service is limited and inconsistent at Mission Creek. You may use the phone in the dining area for phone calls. Please limit your call to mainland USA, keeping in mind this is the main phone line. Your family can reach you by calling (360) 875-6052 and asking for you.

Is this a wheelchair accessible facility?
No, as there a couple steps to the cabin and into the dining area. We do have hand rails and manageable steps for those who are less mobile.

Can you accommodate allergies in my diet?
Yes, please be sure to let us know on your application of your dietary needs.  We need a weeks advance notice so we can accommodate you.

Can I cook in my room?
We provide all the food that you will need, so you can leave your snacks and drinks at home.  Also, you will have the opportunity to learn ways to cook healthy and try delicious meals from our cook.

How close is the nearest hospital?
Willapa Harbor Hospital is only 5 miles from Mission Creek Retreat Center and staffs an emergency room 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They have a helicopter landing pad for fast Life-Flight transfer to a larger center, if needed.

How far are you from a large city?
Olympia- 1 1/2 hours by car
Tacoma - 2 hours by car
Seattle - 2 1/2 hours by car
Portland - 2 hours 3/4 hours by car

(most shopping can be done in Aberdeen WA. just 45min North)

Is there an airport nearby?
Portland and Seattle-Tacoma airports are both approximately 2 1/2 hours away. We prefer you fly into Portland airport due to less traffic. A car can be rented for the drive out, or we can pick you up at the airport.
Willapa Harbor Airport is a small local airport approximately 30 min drive away for those owning private planes. We can pick you up from this airport.

Can I bring my pets?  
We are sorry, but we can not accommodate pets.   Please leave your pets in the care of someone.  We will accommodate licensed service animals that are providing services to a disabled guest.

Can someone of any religious persuasion come to the retreat?
People from all religious persuasions are welcome to come to the retreat, with the understanding that we operate the retreat from a Christian/Biblical perspective. We emphasize not only physical health, but also mental and spiritual health. Though we have a spiritual emphasis, the education program is scientifically based.

How are Saturday's spent at the Retreat?
As part of the holistic program, Saturday is observed as the Sabbath rest according to Exodus 20:8-11 and Hebrews 4:8-11. On this day the program shifts to restful activities and focus which helps us connect with our Creator. To allow the staff to participate in the Sabbath rest, no therapies are given and the sauna is not used on Sabbath. We invite our guests to join us in this day of rest by minimizing food preparation, not doing cleaning or laundry and making this a special day of rest in honor of God as our Creator and ReCreator. We will provide opportunities for worshiping God, nature walks and musical experiences. We will be happy to answer your spiritual questions.

What is the typical schedule at Mission Creek Lifestyle Retreat?
The schedule will be modified depending on the individual goals of each guest.  The following is typical of a full schedule.

7:45 - *Breakfast
8:30 -  Digestive walk
9:00 -  Spiritual Renewal
9:30 -  Whole Life coaching
11:00 - Cooking Lab
12:00 - Greenhouse experience
12:50 - Lunch
1:45 -  Nature Walk
3:00 -  Health Lecture
4:00 -  Hydrotherapy Lab
6:00 - *Supper
6:45 -  Evening Walk
7:15 -  Group Worship
8:00 -  Reflection/journaling
9:30 -  Lights out
*Cooking Lab will be 15-30 min before breakfast and supper
Additional times are included for personal reflection

I definitely want to participate!  What do I do now?
WONDERFUL!  Go to the health ministry page - click on LIFESTYLE RETREAT APPLICATION button to download our application -- fill it out, and return it (or call 360-875-6050 and we will send you an application to fill in and send back for review).  Once we receive your completed application, a staff member will review your application and respond to you as soon as possible.

          CLICK HERE to find the application button on the health ministry page

What will I find when I arrive?
Please let us know the approximate time of your arrive. We do have a large resident dog who usually barks to announce your arrival, but is gentle and stays aloof from guests.  When you arrive at a blue locked gate, honk your horn and staff will come greet you and open the gate and show you where to go.

Do you have more questions?
Feel free to call us at 360-875-6052