School Board

of Directors.

The Mission Creek Christian School Board of Directors is a team of Christ-centered lay people who have a passion for youth ministry. They come from a variety of walks of life. We have professional fields represented such as the medical, educational, engineering, art, and business field. Carpenters and community service workers balance the Board with many talented volunteers who work in a united effort to glorify our Father in Heaven. Their names and addresses are as follows:

TITLE:                                               NAME:                                                       FROM:

Administrator                                      Mary Ellingsen                                           South Bend, WA

President                                            Galen Ellingsen                                          South Bend, WA

Vice President                                    Jim Wilson                                                 Raymond, WA

Secretary                                            Kerry Trethewey                                        Chehalis, WA

Treasurer                                             Livvie Gates                                              Raymond, WA

ARNP                                                  Judy Dant                                                  Raymond, WA

Pastor                                                 Richard Kurtz                                             Hoquiam, WA

SAGE & Volunteer Rep.                      Bob O'day                                                 Aberdeen, WA

Building Rep                                       Jim Allen                                                   Aberdeen, WA

Engineer                                             Mark Trethewey                                         Chehalis, WA


Parent of student                                      Vacant                                                               ?, WA




To provide a balanced, Christ centered outreach which will fit individuals for wider service that points not to the world, but to the cross of Christ.


To provide a Christ-centered safe haven where our community can grow spiritually, physically, emotionally, academically, & vocationally; teaching self-discipline in order to render acceptable service to God & loving service to our fellow man.


The foundation of Mission Creek Outreach Services is established to teach God’s children to perform God’s work for God’s Glory. They will thus be molded into God’s image and prepared, by faith, for God’s Kingdom.




Vocational Skills



Bible Based

Spirit Led

Service Oriented

Taught by Example

Modest Lifestyle

Academically Achieving

Respectful Relationships

God Glorifying

Self Discipline