Mission Creek Christian School is a small Christian educational facility located a few miles outside of South Bend, WA, providing education for grades 6-12. Communication and parent involvement are of the utmost importance.

Our goal is to educate our learners to be hard working, responsible people prepared to live a successful and productive life in Christ Jesus. 

Since we are located out-of-town and away from the daily hustle and bustle of the world, we have the opportunity to be spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally re-created. In the quietness of our surroundings we can focus on studies of spiritual, academic, and social development.

Mission Creek Academics

Our curriculum is organized so that all students are taught on their appropriate instructional level whether the student may have academic challenges or be highly capable in content areas. We teach the whole child, balancing out the academic, social, physical, and spiritual development of our students in our instructional practices. All Students are taught a Bible class, math, English, reading, vocabulary development, spelling, applied career education outreach, physical education, social studies and history. Fine arts are emphasized and music classes are taught and practiced as a way to demonstrate service learning. Technology is used as an avenue to express and extend learning. Our curriculum in all classes is designed for positive character development, looking at all learning as a way to problem solve and become life long learners, thus demonstrating the attributes of Christ. “Let this mind be in you as is in Christ Jesus.”


Mission Creek teaches the study of the Bible in a way that helps each student understand the history and meaning of the text while deepening their relationship with Jesus.  


Students will learn about Washington State history along with the organization of federal and state governments across the nation. History is taught in the context of the great controversy between good and evil.  Students focus on biblical history up to contemporary world problems.

Physical Education

Mission Creek boasts 3 personal trainers and a natural environment with fresh air and sunlight.   Each student is given personal attention and a personal fitness profile.

Vocational Training

Students learn how to perform community surveys, conduct public seminars, take care of a greenhouse garden, do woodworking and other important skills in this vocational training course.


Mission Creek offers Biology and Integrated Science.  Biology is taught very hands-on considering the amount of nature that is easily accessible to the students on campus.  Integrated Sciences offers Physics, Chemistry, Geology and other various studies that follow the same hands-on approach with heavy implementation of media and lab work to make it practical.


Written and Oral Communication and vocabulary development are an integral part of the curriculum here at Mission Creek.  English is taught to the entire class and one-on-one sessions are conducted with students with special needs.


Saxon Math 6th through 12th grade is offered. Students are organized according to their skill level and given individual attention from para-educators under direction of teachers.