Health Ministry


You Know What It Takes to Live Healthfully

But Struggle to DO IT...

You are not alone!

Mission Creek Retreat Center Could Be For YOU!

Mission Creek Retreat Center is a Christ-centered setting offering the 3 R’s: Renewal, Restoration, and Regeneration to those who are seeking more from life. Mission Creek is located on the coast of southwest Washington state on 40 acres of gorgeous forestland.

We offer a program that provides support for the following healthy lifestyle solutions.

Practice healthy eating:

Encouragement of healthy eating habits through plant-based  meals with an array of fresh fruits and those from our home canned pantry. Vegetables are from our on-site greenhouse organic garden. We provide a robust breakfast, full course lunch, and a small evening meal with fruit and grains. 

Participation in a cooking lab alongside an experienced vegetarian cook is offered.

A routine of moderate exercise and fresh air:

Follow a schedule that provides for a morning walk, digestive walks after meals around the beautiful grounds of Mission Creek, and exercise throughout the day.

Experience spiritual renewal: 

The study of God’s Word, the Bible, a healthy appreciation of His creation by spending time in the out of doors, individual prayer and group prayer is encouraged as a healing balm for discouragement. You will see the Lord’s plan for you more vividly as you are surrounded by people who are service-oriented and connected to God through faith.
The therapeutic use of water is practiced:  Drinking adequate amounts of water daily and using water for hydrotherapy with our health providers where necessary and in our wood powered hot tub.

Mission Creek is a place for rest and relaxation in a secluded, peaceful country setting out of the hustle and bustle of the city.  Our accommodations include a quaint, two bedroom cabin near a rippling creek which is peaceful background sound for settling down to a refreshing night’s rest.