These are the dedicated staff members God has brought together in order to love and lead students by precept & example.

Administrator's Welcome

Join me as we explore the passion God has given me to support the education of His youth at Mission Creek Christian school.  I have been refining this vision for the last 40 years working in private, public and home-school arenas.  From a special-ed teacher to serving as a consultant for entire districts, God has put me in places where I can learn how to best educate His children for this life and the life to come. Mission Creek is founded upon what God has instructed in His Word and the Spirit of Prophecy.  Students learn not only academics, but also strong vocational skills and life experiences to grow Christian character.  Our school is situated in 40 acres of pristine forest to help students learn from God’s 3 books: Nature, Life Experience and His Word.

-Mary Nell Ellingsen: Administrator, M.S. Ed


Meet Our Staff

Amanada Archer.JPG
Amanda Archer

Amanda is our head teacher!

Jasmin Densmore

Young energetic and a master of culinary arts, Jasmin brings taste and beauty to the table and palate alike!

Chris Donavan

Chris Donavan has been a builder, pastor, church planter and trainer.  He is now the chaplain and career education coordinator for MC.  His greatest desire is to see people come into a loving, saving relationship with Jesus, and to follow him with their whole lives as they make new disciples.  He enjoys all kinds of evangelism/outreach, family time, the beach, mountain biking, being on the water, and motorcycles.

Heidi Donavan

Heidi Donavan is a Registered Pediatric Nurse.  She helps teach music and lead the choir.  She has a passion for young people to know Jesus. One of those ways is through healthy, uplifting music. Heidi is a prayer warrior and has helped us
practice the United prayer format. She is always on the look-out to fill any gap she sees that
will benefit the cause of serving students and others for Christ.

Weston Adams

Weston Adams is passionate about gardening, about healthful living, and the mentor-ship process of young people. Finishing his own online education (in Sustainable Food and Farming) while working as dean and agriculture instructor has helped provide him with tools in order to conduct agriculture, invest in young people. He’s delighted to support the goals and vision of Mission Creek, and he prays that God will capture hearts through the implementation of a holistic, Bible-based educational experience

Galen Ellingsen

Galen has been with Mission Creek since its inception in
2000.  He is the grounds and maintenance supervisor & afternoon work supervisor. He has been with Mission Creek for 18 plus years and directs other staff in areas of learner supervision, grounds and building maintenance, and serves as the President of Mission Creek Christian School.

Joshua graduation pic.png
Joshua Donavan

As an Alumni, Joshua has a good handle on what can happen at Mission Creek to help it function better.  He helps with construction, grounds, and maintenance